about us

Our Team

GPSconnect is supported by a cadre of trained and experienced team of professional individuals in varying backgrounds. The company boasts in excess of twenty (20) years specialized knowledge with individual team members.  We focus on implementing top-class, priority service to achieve operational efficiency; to this end, we have amassed a highly proficient, skillful and dedicated team.

Chief Executive

Equipped with several years of experience establishing and managing several businesses. I have built a reputation forging professional relationships, engendering camaraderie among team members, offering sound, practical, financial advice and leadership in a global market of varied organisations. I indubitably believe that the team of seasoned professionals bring a unique flavour to GPSconnect. With a combination of the products, and the versatile platform in arm, we are supported by a high standard of service and support that is prominent, overall.

Our ethos is simple – we deliver what we offer!

Additionally, ‘total accountability’ is the theme we base our operation on. While firmly believing in being accountable to the people who matter most to us – our clients.  Our approach to service provision makes us unique – we lead but our clients come first.  Thus, I am available to you; please feel free to contact me at: ceo@gpsconnect.co.uk.


Our ethic is dedicated to deliver a flawless process that ensures that our great product and unique support platform gives you constant value and service.

All our departments are built on the same rigid foundation to deliver without question.

Please feel free to contact me at:  info@gpsconect.co.uk

Sales and Delivery

Our whole purpose is to offer the best technology that applies to you and at all times ensuring our services fulfill your every need.

Our team is purely based on professional experience of being able to understand your requirements and deliver a system that benefits your business.

Please feel free to contact me at:

Technical Support

With many years in the world of telematics and the automotive industry, we have built a team that respects and assists its clients in a manner that is helpful and adds value.

We are here to provide clear and concise support to all our clients – from implementation to ongoing support.  We are here every step of the way!

Please feel free to contact me at:  info@gpsconnect.co.uk